Susie Q provides tuition for novices, through to seasoned cake artists.Our teachers are highly skilled, have won many awards, and have been teaching for a number of years.They are informative, and offer useful hints that allow the students to build their skills at their own pace.
Classes are held above the shop
Entry is through the shop
There is a car park available at the back
Four terms per year
8 weeks per term
Two hours per week
In order to maintain the highest standards, we reserve the right to alter course content at any time. The friendly group atmosphere also encourages sharing ideas, which allows all students to benefit from the collective knowledge and experience in the group.


We offer courses in

  • Comprehensive Decorating Levels 1-4
  • Advanced Flowers Level 1-4
  • Novelty Decorating
  • Buttercream Decorating
  • Chocolate Decorating
  • Cupcake Classes


Have you ever wondered how to decorate brightly coloured novelty character cakes for your children? Our Buttercream course shows you how , and includes other skills such as different piping techniques, piped flowers, and decorating cakes for all occasions using Buttercream. Enrolment Fee: $275.00 with a certificate given on completion of all classes over 8 weeks.
Kit Approx. Price $160.00
*prices subject to change without notice


Learn how to use chocolate with confidence and create cakes to tempt the taste buds. The course covers chocolate collars and bows, chocolate truffles ,curls, desserts ,Cakes for occasions, flowers made using chocolate modeling paste, Croqembouche.
Enrolment Fee: $275.00 with a certificate given on completion of all classes over 8 weeks.
Kit Approx. Price $200.00
*prices subject to change without notice

Cup Cake and Novelty

These classes run when we have enough people interested.
A $70.00 deposit is required on enrolment.
A minimum of 7 people needed to run the class, with a maximum of 12 students in the class.
Time and dates subject to availability .
If you have a group of friends that would like to learn a specific technique we can arrange a class for you.


This course takes you through 4 levels of learning the skills required to create your own works of art.

Preparation of a fruit cake and cooking instructions. Almond icing and covering a cake. Basic piping skills, Australian wildflower spray, writing and basic cake design.

Basic sugar flowers including Roses, Carnations, and Orchids, using hand-moulded techniques and cutters, and wiring of sprays.

Advanced piping and cake design. Lace, drapes, flowers and leaves, flood work, brush embroidery, ribbon insertion,.

Skills of pressure piping, including lace and bridgework. A modern two tier wedding cake. Of your choice

Further Information
Fees for each level of the comprehensive decorating course are payable in advance, with a deposit payable on enrolment.
Classes are held in the evenings on Mondays to Thursdays
6.45 – 9.00 PM 1 night per week

Equipment Kits come with each level and can be picked up and paid for on the first night of each class for Levels 1—4, and contain the necessary equipment needed to learn the skills for that level. The cost of each kit is NOT included in the fees.

Level 1 Fees $175.00 8 weeks ..Kit $300.00

Level 2 Fees $175.00 8 weeks.. $230.00

Level 3 Fees $175.00 8 weeks.. $90.00

Level 4 Fees $220.00 12 weeks kit however items may need to be purchased
*prices subject to change without notice

Students receive a certificate upon satisfactory completion of all 4 levels.

Advanced Sugar

Flowers Further your flower-making skills in our advanced class. Learn the different techniques needed to create life-like flowers including Roses, Lilies, Gerberas, Irises, gardenias, foliage, and many more. Flowers. We show you what tools to use, how to colour your flowers, and how to arrange them in a variety of ways. Levels 2—5 no kit however items may need to be purchased
Fees $155.00 per level.
Certificate received on completion.